About Us

Mark Fagan

Mark Fagan head shot

I was born in Oklahoma came to Texas as fast as I could…

I grew up around farming and construction with my father and grandfather.   They taught me good work ethics and the importance of treating people right.  Those lessons still live with me today.

I started out as a carpenter, and that industry took me too many cities around Oklahoma and then Texas.  I became a builder in the late 90’es, but I really wanted to learn more about the masonry business.

I’ve always enjoyed the masonry architecture that’s seen in the older buildings and all over the world and I fell in love with that industry.  A partner and I opened up a masonry business, and we were successful, but as so often happens, after a few years he decided to go do other adventures.   I was inspired to open Masonry Workz in 2010.

I’ve always been a firm believer in training and continuing education in ones profession, to employ the latest techniques and technologies to deliver a superior product.  That being said, I enjoy being part of an ancient tradition and will continue in the masonry business for many years to come.